Datagridview datasource not updating I am looking for adult webcam chat

This displays the data in the collection but when I add to the collection the datagridview does not get updated.

You are change the properties of the projected copy of the entity, while entity itself stays unchanged.That is why save does not work - entity stays unchanged. Later than Q very much for the reply No sorry's in this just you are giving your idea I changed the code like above now its not throwing any exception but the message "data updated "is coming but its not updating in the database whe n I checked Thanks Geeta Ok. There is no need of using Update in Data Set, until u make any changes to the table. If so, that will be must easier, as u'll be freed up of writing any code. Data Bind();//here i am getting the exception like this : A field or property with the name 'emp Id' was not found on the selected data source. I'll tell u amethod how it can be accomplished using gridview.

Write("data updated"); *** plz do reply than Q very much for the reply Sorry,this time I got another exception actually I want update one row in the database and not total fields some of the fields I want to update In mygirdview I have the information like this emp Id user Name emp Name gender address pwd loginstatus update cancel 1 kavita geeta f hjghg ghh 0 after that I clicked on the update link but now I got another exception my Grid View. You need either bind entities itself as Data Source to grid, or update property of the corresponding entity when you updating property of projection instance.Hi I am using a datagridview with the datasource property set to a collection I have created.Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.I have a data Grid View when I click on any row a form is opened to update the row data, but after ending updates the updating form is closed but the data Grid View data is not updated How can i do that ? Write("data updated"); here the exception is Invalid Opration Exception was unhandled by user code Update unable to find Table Mapping['Employee Table'] or Data Table 'Employee Table'. Open(); Sql Data Adapter da Select = new Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM Employee Table", conn); Sql Command Builder cb Select = new Sql Command Builder(da Select); Data Set ds Select = new Data Set(); da Select.