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We can help pinpoint your dating blind spot, advise you on acing a date and build your dating confidence.

Because we had met with both of them and realized that they shared similar values and senses of humor―and were likely highly compatible.

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It will use its algorithms to make matches, but it can also use its own specialized knowledge to help you find companionship just when you want it most.Imagine you're going to a concert or outdoor festival, or you want to go kayaking this weekend and you wish you had someone to go with.The only mystery is why the company hasn't done it before now. Shares of Match Group, which owns just about every significant dating app out there--Tinder, OKCupid, and Plentyof Fish--as well as 17 percent when the announcement was made.Facebook has more than 2 billion members and about 1 in 10 of them, or 200 million, have identified themselves as single in their profiles.Facebook just announced a new online dating feature--called "Dating"--that it will introduce this year.

Some have questioned the timing of this move--or whether it's wise at all--coming as it does less than a month after founder Mark Zuckerberg spent two days being grilled by Congress about Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook data for political purposes. Facebook is the perfect platform to help you find a potential mate.

If you're focused on body type, height or hairstyle―nice-to-haves that ultimately don't contribute to a meaningful relationship―you'll eliminate a lot of potential partners and jeopardize your chances at finding love.2. If you reject most potential dates, you may be guilty of Checklist Syndrome. But if you always date bad boys, and it never works out, it's time for a change.

Revisit your criteria, paying particular attention to how many are flexible versus inflexible. We can access the right matches and guide you through the process, inspiring you to grow and become a better dater.

You see, Ben isn't your typical entertainer: He earned a master's degree from Oxford.

After much persuasion, Chris reluctantly went on the date.

Warren Buffett once said that the biggest decision of your life is who to marry―it impacts both personal and business success.