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Click on the File Let us create a new table in Power BI and key in sample data.

This table will store the webpage views for each day.

Now let us create a new column YTD to calculate Year to Date.

A new column has been added and the below DAX expression has been used to calculate YTD. However the Jan, Feb, April and May views have been added and the YTD has been calculated as 140.

Now we want to calculate the cumulative total (Running Total).

In Excel, the sum formula can be used with absolute and relative references to calculate the running total.

As per the screenshot, the cumulative total has been calculated correctly across all the rows.

The below screenshot represents the sample data with a running total calculation in Excel.

The ideal Power BI data model should have a date table that other tables can reference for analysis.

The previous Creating a Date Dimension Table in Power BI has detailed information on creating the data table in Power BI.

It will launch a separate window where you can update the column name and enter sample data as mentioned in the screenshot below.

The below screenshot confirms that the table has been created with sample data.

How do I calculate MTD, QTD, YTD and Running Total in Power BI?