Dating a squier strat

It's awesome that you love your guitars, and that you are happy with the workmanship and quality that you see coming out of China, red dragon.There just isn't enough happiness in the world, and to see somebody like yourself posting messages of joy and positivity (on a topic that you feel so strongly about) is truly heartwarming.I spent a couple of hours trying out Fenders - not Squiers - from US, Mexico, Japan and China and from a craftsman's point of view I thought the Chinese guitar held its own as a professional instrument - in fact I preferred it to the US Standard Tele (but that's mostly 'cos I don't like satin neck finishes). The people of Japan still have eyes half closed from Little Boy and Fat Man, the winds carried the bomb dust to China made eyes at angle and messed up guitars. Tell your kids a story about when you were a kid, long ago that was legal. DR KP Moore I went over almost all the reasons for poorly made product made in China. Don't know where you got your information from but it's wrong....

The space between the "C" and the "0" is cramped, in lack of a better word. I will examine this guitar closer on a separate page in the near future.

The Squier Mini is manufactured in at least two different plants, both in Indonesia.

I've tried a couple and thought they were very nice guitars and certainly better value for money than anything made in Japan, Mexico or the US. Fender's top end guitars are manufactured in the U.

S., Japan, and Mexico and are made with much better materials, hardware and electronic components installed than Squiers made in China.

We really couldn't see or hear a vast difference, in fact he preferred the Mexican made guitar - and that's between one instrument costing a third of the price of the other. According to the dealer Fender were so impressed with the CV Squier guitars that they decided to release the Modern Player series under the parent brand rather than Squier. One a simple world with **** they try to pass off as art. Never happen in this world, that is true when our dad's made the train run on time. I am helping the mess with my work and my son is going to make me look like a cave man. Squiers are currently made in China, Korea, & Indoneisa (there are vintage USA & Japan made versions). As a luthier of over 30 years the idea that the Fender Mexico/America guitars are made of "much better materials" than chinese modern player and classic vibe guitars is just ignorant drivel.

I think that when you're talking about a US Tele Standard costing over a thousand pounds (GBP) and the Chinese made Fender Modern Player costing less than a third you certainly do get what you pay for - a much better bargain with the Chinese made instrument. Gun powder and noodles vs Beethoven, Shakespeare, telephones, telegraph and and all digital products. UPDATE: I stand corrected, Fender now makes them in China. but were later marketed out to countries in which they are cheaper to manufacture. There is next to NO difference in the woods used, the electronics/pickups are very close too.Zakstar: If it was made in China it is a Squier by Fender and not a Fender Telecaster.If the serial number prefix is "CGF" as you indicated, that is not a Squier by Fender as Squier serial numbers prefixes for China are two letters with the exception of "CXS" per my references.And after a little work on set up those guitars play and sound awesome.I hate to say it, but I would put them up against any other Fender Stratocasters out there.Regards, kcbuck Well, of course it is a matter of opinion. "What" is too little for a statement of this magnitude of political and economic effects on our way of life. The fit n finish was great, the action right, I need lighter strings and a better neck pickup, I played several mexico models, didn't like them. Also need to say modern player doesn't have any of the cheap feel as squier.