Dating a vulnerable woman

It is this part of their behavior that has kept the disorder under wraps for so long.

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If your every move isn’t met with a standing ovation, it’s the end of the world.

When recognized for something you did, you feel smugly superior.

Losing a friend on Facebook is like a death in the family to you.

If you aren’t held aloft for even the slightest achievement, you feel affronted.

As a mom with a child in the military, every time a news story breaks of a military death, my heart and breathing literally stop.

It doesn’t matter what branch, location/country, circumstance, on base, off base, or in the line of duty, life comes to a screeching halt.This affects their ability to feel and express compassion.That explains a lot of the behavioral traits associated with NPD, but it doesn’t end there.Distancing yourself from interpersonal relationships gives you a sense of safety.If you do end up in a relationship, you need your partner’s undivided attention and constant reassurance of your worth.Perhaps you’re okay, but you know of someone else who seems have these issues.