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The good thing is that this should keep the worst of the scammers off the site.Certainly you’re not going to see any of the notorious Senegalese or Nigerian romance scammers on Amo Latina like you can on other sites. This is a letter writing site, and in my own online dating experiences, I soon learned to avoid these like the plague.

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Online translation tools can help you if you want to find a wife but don’t speak the language of the country whose women you’re interested in.I’ve even chatted to Chinese women online when they speak no English and my written Chinese is basic in the extreme.While this makes the site look a lot more polished than, say, Latin American Cupid, it can be seriously misleading if you’re looking for a marriage partner! Ladies sign up via a marriage agency in their own country.Unlike other sites, the ladies can’t sign themselves up to the site.I’ll also point out that neither Spanish or Portuguese are particularly difficult for English speakers to learn.

In fact, if you’re living in the USA then you might already know a fair bit of Spanish.The small number of women from major countries like Mexico also reflect the fact that Amo Latina is less active in these countries.So if you like Mexican senoritas then you’re better off on a site like Mexican Cupid.Although focused on South America and the Caribbean, the ladies on this site are primarily from Colombia, Peru and Brazil.There are also small numbers of ladies from countries including Honduras, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.If you’re looking for a younger bride then you’ll also find that anyone under the age of 35 has probably attended English classes in school, so they’ll usually know very basic English. As well as sending letters to girls, you can also send them flowers and gifts.