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If taken seriously, few activities may fill your life with such highs, and such lows, as dating.Now that it's possible to frenetically juggle prospects on multiple sites and apps and then bounce from bar to bed with them, the roller coaster can get very extreme indeed.

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I’ve thought a lot about how there’s been a reinvigoration of feminism in the US in the past five to 10 years. the new social movement, starting with Occupy and Black Lives Matter. Writers like Roxane Gay had a big online following before she wrote .I like to joke that "because the internet" is the answer to everything.And there’s a real appetite for more complex thinking; at least that was my hope. It’s been a pleasant surprise for me that there has been so much interest.I think you’ve given us ways to talk about the subtle, mysterious forces that guide us.But I tend to think that the revival of interest in explicitly feminist discourse in the past few years has something to do with it.

Dating specifically — it is a thing that a lot of people do, and these subjects are subjects in which humans in general and women in particular have been underserved.Our conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity.What you point out is how, even from the early days of dating in the early 20th century, we've talked about it as a form of shopping -- and as a game.And yet dating is still treacherous: We may find a partner, but we may be ghosted (or exploited, or worse) or become too jaded to keep searching for meaningful connection.Our habits are also a lot less novel than we like to think.And part of what makes it so bewildering is that the script and the roles we play are constantly changing.