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The first Arab novelists digressed from the norms of the European novel, restructuring the genre by making their new texts very similar to the traditions of Arabic prose.

The Palestinian Khaleel Baidas (1875–1925) translated many European classics, especially Russian novels and short stories, redefining the plot by adding lines of Arabic poetry from the pre-Islamic, Umayyad and Abbasid eras.

The semi-Orientalist judging of other literatures is a heritage that the concept carries with it.

In a form of internal Orientalism, an assimilation of the ideas and conceptual elements of Orientalism, Arab critics have seen the narrative works produced by their fellow writers as a continuation of the European narrative tradition.They have missed the real quality, and internal complexity of the tradition of narration in Arabic literature.The case of the Arabic novel could be a living example of how to deconstruct the concept of world literature as seen through western eyes, or by westernized minds.The emergence of the Arabic novel during the nineteenth century was strongly influenced by the hierarchy of literary genres in the Arabic literary tradition.Anthologies of "world literature" have often used the term to market a largely Western canon.

But isn't western literature still implicitly regarded as the measure of all things?Arab literary critics and historians now consider them cornerstones of modern Arabic literature.Shidyaq published his widely known and acclaimed during his stay in Paris in 1855. It was compared to the works of Rabelais; it displays the capacities of Arabic language through writing a kind of autobiography in the third person, a novel of education and a travel narrative.There are plenty of online dating apps to choose from but what makes muzmatch unique is our exclusive focus on catering to Muslims seeking dating and marriage while adhering to their Islamic values and beliefs.We genuinely understand the importance of finding someone who shares your cultural or religious background.There is an insistence on the quality of cosmopolitan character of literatures produced by different nations, a search for the common features.