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This large Gothic hall - it measures 40 meters by 20 meters - boasts many magnificent stained-glass windows depicting the coats of arms of Dutch towns, as well as the spectacular Rose Window with the arms of the principal noble families of the Netherlands.

Visitors are able to walk among the models like giants, admiring iconic structures like The Peace Palace, the De Volharding building, Anne Frank's house, and St. Other attractions include interactive exhibits featuring wind power and Holland's windmills; a flight exploration center; playgrounds; and props perfect for photo-ops, like an oversized clog or giant tulips.

The most unique experience here is the Fantasitron, where you can get a 3D scan, which is used to create a miniature figure of yourself.

This stunning scene depicts coastal Scheveningen as it was around 1880, with charming views of the sea, the beach, and dunes.

Designed to create the illusion of 3D, this spectacular circular painting - the largest in the world - is indirectly lit from above, and thanks to its large sand dune with a number of real objects, creates the illusion that you're standing in the middle of this beautiful landscape.

Some of the more bizarre models include the 1910 Brooke Swan Car, a 1932 Curtiss Aerocar Land Yacht, and the 1951 Taruffi Italcorsa/TARF II.

Vehicles from around the world are represented, and the newest include electric and hybrid models, as well as race cars.

With its origins dating back to 1250 and tied to the building of a castle, it soon became the residence of the ruling aristocracy, and today houses both chambers of Parliament.

The most important buildings of the complex are the exquisite Ridderzaal, or Knights' Hall, which is still used for functions and receptions, and in the North Wing, the chamber is the official residence of the Prime Minister.

English language guided tours are available, and a superb app showing the museum's many masterpieces can be downloaded for free in advance of your visit.

In the center of the oldest section of The Hague is the Binnenhof - the Inner Court - an irregular group of buildings constructed around a large central courtyard.

Visitors can wander among the various areas, each crafted in perfect detail to recreate the nation's most iconic attractions.