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The stories follow a consistent pattern: Some unexplained misfortune would befall a person, family, or town—perhaps a drought dried up crops, or an infectious disease struck.Before science could explain weather patterns and germ theory, any bad event for which there was not an obvious cause might be blamed on a vampire.

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Perhaps some people cannot vibe with the blunt somewhat twisted humor, but I loved it.This is a film for people who want to simply watch something fun. The cast and acting were excellent and I really liked seeing all the stars.These processes are well understood by modern doctors and morticians, but in Medieval Europe were taken as unmistakable signs that vampires were real and existed among them.Though the "original" vampires are long since gone, their legacy remains and vampires continue to fascinate the world.It seems likely that neither science nor wooden stakes will ever kill vampires.

Benjamin Radford is managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer science magazine.They only drink mice blood and refuse to drink human blood, and they go together to the Vampire Anonymous.Stacy falls in love with her classmate Joey, and soon she learns that he is the son of the vampire slayer Dr. Meanwhile, Goody meets her former passion, Danny, in the hospital where his wife is terminal.See more » When Stacy gives Joey the reports she wrote for him, she is holding one with a report cove with a red spine in her right hand, and a clear spine in her left hand. See more » I can't believe how many negative opinions surround this film.I mean granted, its not Oscar worthy or going to go down in time as one of those incredible films, but the humor, sarcasm and light hearted tone are greatly enjoyable.See full summary » A former Britpop rocker who now works on a farm gets caught driving drunk and faces deportation after living in Los Angeles for many years. In Manhattan, the vampires Goody and Stacy share an apartment and work and study in the night-shift.