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When I'm not at work I'm usually catching up on some unsolved mysteries, playing video games, and hanging out at home. Several tattoos so hopefully that doesn't bother you! A bit about me: I'm looking for a long term relationship, someone who can be my best friend too.

Im more of a home body and but enjoy going out every once in awhile. In terms of your physical nature, I don't really have a body time or preference. (again)My name is Taylor, and I am from the okay state of Mississippi! I’m majoring in marketing and business, but recently I’ve been toying with the education field. There is nothing like meeting new, great people through helping others! So big that I actually argued with random men in a Pizza Hut once. I love being affectionate and love stuff like cuddling and holding hands.

The Observations and Advice from fellow Swedish women: – Women have to make the moves to make things happen – Text, text, text message…just don’t call – Go out on a date and really have no idea where you stand – Meet someone and have no idea where you stand after chatting for a few hours – Learn that they do seem to keep their feelings bottled up. – Ask the man for his number because he’s not asking you – “Swedish men are inconsiderate” i.e.

My friend told me about your agency and I decided to try my luck…I’ave always heard stories about Ukrainian lady’s beauty and now I can confirm this statement!!!

;-) now I communicate with two beautiful ladies from Simferopol and Kyiv..

: P I love metal/rock music, with some of my favourite bands being; Metallica, Ghost, Sabaton, Bloodbound, Offspring, Alice in Chains and Slipknot. So yeah, if any of this appeals to you let me know!

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Just as long as you aren't some lizard human sent here to take over the world. I haven’t had any luck with conventional forms of dating, so I thought I should try something totally different. I love animals and currently have a dwarf rabbit and tortoise.

Everyone has goals an ambitions and here's a few of mine: ~ meet at least one verified serial killer ~ love all the doggos ~ steal the national treasure and sell it for pizza bagels Honesty and openness are the most important qualities in a relationship. I'm a 2 x graduate in Computing related subjects.

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