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Here are the top five reasons why he says you're just a friend. Unfortunately, there are cases when men just, well, don't feel the same way you might feel. I value her friendship more than anything else, and I would never do anything to sabotage our dynamic.She's been there for me at some of my lowest points of adulthood and I've been able to count on her for over a decade.In this particular case, it's not that either one of us ever put the other one in the friend zone.

If it feels like she’s only texting you haikus as opposed to what seems to be full-length novels, then that is definitely bad news for you.A girl who is truly interested in you would take the time and effort to put some depth into her text messages for you.It may seem like she’s being intimate with you by wishing you a good night, but it’s nowhere near the level of endearment of saying Sweet dreams! If these girls were truly interested in you, then they would definitely make time to respond to your texts despite their busy schedules.If they were truly feeling swamped, it might take them a little longer to reply than usual, but they would never shun a conversation with you.Most of the time, it's for reasons other than because we are just not into you. We're not really in the space to give you everything you deserve as a girlfriend. )Our friendship has even made some of the women I've been romantically involved with uncomfortable.

There's usually a logic behind the decision to remain platonic, that makes perfect sense to us but you probably don't or maybe even refuse to understand. We do want you in our lives however, because you might play a bigger role than you'll ever know. If we are not a position to handle said responsibilities, it could drive a deep wedge between us. One of my closest female friends is probably one of the most physically stunning women I've ever laid eyes on. But I wouldn't change our friendship for anything, and I would hope that one day I would be able to find someone who understands this.She’s decided that she wants nothing more than to be merely friends with you.While this can be a difficult truth to swallow, a lot of men will have to get over this fact quickly.You think you have an opportunity to get closer to landing the girl of your dreams, but she’s not having any of it.She’s put you in the zone where few can escape from.Similar to cases when she’s busy, if a girl really did like you and saw you as someone who could potentially be more than a friend, then she would definitely take the time to reply to your text messages.