Dating gang

A 19-year-old woman came to the District 5 police station on Nov.

Last week, police searched the North 63rd Street address and found an ID and benefits cards belonging to the woman who reported the Nov.

11 assaults, plus handgun ammunition and a loaded magazine for a handgun.

Boss told her not to turn around once she was let go or they would kill her.

Instead of calling 911 immediately, the woman did her own online sleuthing, she told police.

She posted on Facebook the photo of “Kels” from the Tagged app and asked for help identifying him.

She then found a Facebook page for Von Tha Don Baker that used the same photo and then learned his first name was Davoncia.Police then helped fully identify Mc Afee, whom the woman picked out of a photo array as the man she had met at 58th and Hampton.Mc Afee at first denied assaulting anyone or even having a Tagged account."People who are genuinely taking steps to be a lawful, contributing member of our community shouldn't be punished by a civil court order that might be stopping them from getting a job, connecting with their relatives or moving on with their lives," Stephan said."We worked closely with our law enforcement partners to identify people who might qualify for removal while at the same time making sure we're continuing to protect the public from those who still engage in gang-related crimes and activities." To qualify for removal from the lists, a person must: — not have a conviction for a violent felony over the past 10 years; — remain out of custody and have no criminal convictions for the past five years (excluding minor traffic violations); — have not participated in any activity "that demonstrates continued loyalty to, or membership in a criminal street gang for the past five years." In total, 42 percent of people across 20 injunction lists were removed, with the lists covering former members of a dozen different gangs, according to the DA's office."Police departments across the county are joining the DA in being proactive in removing individuals from these injunctions and we hope other gang members see this as a motivation to end their gang affiliation and become a productive member of their community.