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I have been taking advantage of that flat rate Platinum membership fee. I’ve got my shortlist down to 3 ladies worth visiting, plus a few reserve ladies. I’d say that if you’re serious about finding a Chinese wife, then consider the following: The good news is that I know of many men who have gone onto have very successful marriages with Chinese ladies who haven’t known a word of English when they met.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s a hell of an adventure.

It was also by far the best dating site I used while I was living in China.

The quality of the ladies on this site is top notch and there are loads of good English speakers too! A lot of men have had problems with the Chnlove Chinese dating site.

At the end of the day, for every 100 men who sign up to Chnlove, only 1 will make that trip to China, so the majority of Chnlove users have no idea what an immense task this is.

I’ve now been using China Love Match and Chinese Love Links to meet Chinese girls online.

Chnlove scams are rife, and the site is stupendously expensive.

So hats off to the marriage agency translator I used through the site, she was great!I spoke to about 7 ladies on Chnlove before I chose one to visit. I’ve dropped the ladies who were just not that into me.We were quite a good match for each other, but I realise now we weren’t a perfect match. Contrast this with my experience of Chinese Love Links. I’ve chatted, emailed and looked at hundreds of photos. And if I had stayed on Chnlove my costs would have been well over 00, and that’s before I’d even travelled to China to meet any of them.But if you start to talk about complicated things, like your feelings towards each other or travel plans, then it can all go horribly wrong.To take one particular example, Chinese and English are completely different when it comes to tenses.Before I get into this story, let’s recap me and The Ex, which is no easy feat.