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The city itself teetered on the edge of bankruptcy in March 2014 when Connersville Mayor Leonard Urban declared a fiscal emergency.“I knew we were in financial trouble,” he told reporters.

The average age in Pahrump is 53 years old, which is 15 years older than Nevada’s average age of 38.The South is big on family values, so it’s surprising to see good ol’ Tennessee on this list of broken and blended families.“Since the day I took office, we’ve been cutting back.” Campbellsville may be shaped like a heart, but its high divorce rate suggests that it isn’t all happily ever afters in this Kentucky town.Around 16.4% of residents are divorced, 2% are separated, and 7% are widowed.Over 19,000 people call Connersville home, and 16.8% of those residents are divorced.

The state of Indiana is a traditionally conservative and predominantly white area with strong Midwestern values, and Connersville is no exception. It might be because Connersville is also among the poorest areas in the state with a median household income of ,356 (as opposed to Indiana’s median household income of ,314).Don’t worry, though — America’s long-held tradition of splitting up and remarrying and splitting up again is alive and well in many parts of the country. Census Bureau data, 20% of Brookings residents are divorced.American married couples currently have a 39% chance of divorcing, down from about 50% in the 1980s, yet many impoverished areas have significantly higher divorce rates than the rest of the country. Brookings is an older city, with a median age of 46.7 years old, so perhaps the lack of millennials has something to do with the high divorce rate.The median income for a household in Taos is around ,000, and the per capita income is ,983.All told, nearly 25% of the population lives below the poverty line.Only 47.3% of residents over 15 years old are married (55% of all Americans are married), and 16.9% are divorced with an additional 2% separated from their spouses.