Dating guide for nice guys

We need to learn lessons from an unexpected source: those we temperamentally most despise.

They have the most to teach us about how to bring about the reality we yearn for – but that they are fighting against. Ultimately, we should care more about being effective than simply nobly intentioned.

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So if one wants a more serious world, one needs to win people over through serious argument, not clickbait.

If one wants a fairer world, one has to judiciously and gently try to persuade the agents of injustice to surrender willingly, not through intimidation.

Specifically, young women's dating choices based on their reasons for dating in general and the attractive/unattractive traits that they perceive that a man possesses were explored.

Popular texts offer evidence that young women may/may not select nice guys as dating partners because nice guys may/may not be able to provide them with what they want from their dating experiences.

They are not held back by those rigid opponents of change: principles.

They will be prepared to outright lie, twist facts, threaten or get violent.

We are all ultimately the sum of what we achieve, not what we intend.

If we care about wisdom, kindness, seriousness and virtue, but only ever act wisely, kindly, seriously and virtuously, we will get nowhere.

They will also – when the situation demands it – know how to seductively deceive, use charm and honeyed words, bedazzle and distract. It’s routinely assumed that a large part of what it means to be a good person is that one acts well.

One doesn’t only have good ends, one is committed to good means.

It’s a book haunted by examples of the impotence of the pure.