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When properly used, it can almost completely prevent the transmission of HIV.

Truvada has been marketed to the gay male community because, in this country, gay men still have the highest rates of HIV.

In the 35 years since, safe sex education has largely emphasized the risk of anal sex without condoms. It also means an exciting time for those working at the cutting-edge of that change, from sex workers to public health researchers.It’s a chance to reshape what safe, fulfilling sex can be.Evan had a similar scare when a partner stopped taking medication.The partner’s viral load had been undetectable, which significantly reduced the risk of transmission — but only while taking medication.“I’m not angry at him,” Evan says.“There was a guy I hooked up with two years ago and I forgot that he was HIV-positive.

It was such a non-issue I forgot that it was a thing.”“I feel like I can indulge a little,” says Michael from Berlin.

“But that was a big wake-up call that people who are undetectable can go off their meds without ever telling me.

So that’s what Pr EP is for.”For Michael, Pr EP is a matter of comfort and convenience.

Joanne Stekler still remembers the day a colleague rushed into her office at the Duke University School of Medicine, exclaiming, “Oh, my gosh! ”It was the mid ‘90s, and their team was investigating HIV transmission and treatment “talking about sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll every day,” she recalls.

Shortly thereafter, a new class of antiretroviral drugs began to sharply reduce HIV-related deaths.

I deliberately stopped dealing with someone because they were positive.