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I could (and this is the truth), go to my local chemist when I was about 15 years old, and buy sulphur, saltpeter and charcoal powder, to make gunpowder!

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The chemist can offer advice and treatment for such mundane complaints as head colds, hemorrhoids, headaches, smelly feet and numerous other silly illnesses, plus offer advice on the more serious too.But as I say, what struck me, for no discernable reason as I sat there, was how much the business of retail medicine has changed in 70 or more years.Today’s chemists (I actually think they prefer to be known as ‘pharmacies’ these days) are little more than a supermarket specialising in ready-packaged drugs, cosmetics and health foods.I’m sure the chemist is someone who has been educated way above the level now required.Consider this helpful educational video on what to expect when going out to dinner with your date.

If teens were struggling with the etiquette of how to order their food or whether they could apply powder at the dinner table, the notion of being prepared for what happens when they are cornered in the back seat of a car or empty bedroom after a house party is completely beyond the scope of helpful educational videos or the guidance of a kindly aunt.

I think they only really come into their own is when a particular patient/customer requests information about their specific complaint and how to treat it.

A lot of people prefer to call on their chemist in such instances, rather than waste the time of, and pay fees to, their family doctor, and in virtually all cases this is quite satisfactory.

Even the drugs he knocked up, either in pill form or as a liquid, as specified by the family doctor, would seem very simple concoctions compared to the stuff we cram down our throats today.

Antibiotics and most of those wonderful (and dangerous), chemicals had yet to be discovered in the 1940s …

It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage pattern to determine the date.