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We’re going to cover online dating scams and how to protect yourself from them.

Finding love is hard enough, so we’re going to ease the burden by giving you the knowledge to do it safely.

It was a hacktivist stunt to expose Grindr’s shoddy security.

Services such as Tinder and Bumble connect to your Facebook as a way to set up your profile, and there may be personal information there you don’t want to share.

Unless you’re keen on reading through the terms of service and privacy policy, it’s best not to give consent.

If that’s the predicament you’re in, we’ll get you protected in the next few sections. If your potential lover has social media, look at it.

As they say, common sense isn’t always common, though. Some investigative work goes a long way toward ensuring that who you’re talking to is who they say they are.

Trever Faden, CEO of Atlas Lane, created a website called C*ckblocked where Grindr users could enter their username and password and see who had blocked them on the service.

Faden was able to see user profiles, messages, photos and locations, which he, thankfully, never made public.

Plus, that information was sent unencrypted, meaning anyone snooping on the data stream could steal it.

Read our description of encryption to learn about how that works.

Before you use other protective measures, use your brain.

Most dating scams can be avoided by deciphering what’s what on the internet.

First, we’re going to talk about some of the notorious scams others have been caught in, then we’ll tell you the ways you can protect yourself in those situations.