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These circumstances lead to a reduced quality of air throughout the warehouse.If left unchecked, this reduction in air quality can lead to serious problems including sick building syndrome (SBS).Here are five cooling problems that occur frequently in warehouses and tips to solve them.Human comfort and safety should be the number one concern for facility managers who are responsible for warehouses with a workforce of people inside of them.Look for cooling solutions that can contribute to obtaining LEED credits for your building by contributing to the building’s energy efficiency so that you can ensure that your solution is efficient with its use of electricity.

Many warehouse owners and operators will have to deal with one or more of these issues at some point or another.Through an intimate film experience, we share life’s passions, difficult paths taken, successes, and what motivates people to excel.You’ve successfully signed out We’ve enhanced our platform for To solve this problem you need a method of moving high volumes of air to de-stratify the thermal layers that occur as a result of heat building up at the high ceilings.This helps distribute cool air throughout the entire building to keep the temperature cooler everywhere.According to OSHA, thousands of employees in the United States fall victim to heat-related ailments every year, even though these issues are preventable.