Dating last minute invite

Without the incentive of company coming to inspire a proper cleanup of my apartment, I can easily make peace with dirty laundry and dishes left a day or two too long.

Because it’s ‘just me’, I sometimes tell myself it doesn’t matter if I’m harvesting dust bunnies in the far reaches of my living room, or if I take my meals standing up, wedged halfway into my fridge, poking at leftovers or what’s most readily ripped, picked or peeled and edible from the package.

I saved my money and ditched the tattered couch I used as a collection area for coats.In the months that followed it was this practice of checking in with my surroundings that helped to give me greater insight into deeper feelings I wasn’t ready to acknowledge.In the span of letting your space become overwhelmed with clutter, your morale dips, your appearance slips and that spring in your step has ground down to a trudge.‘Just me’ is not your friend— if you’re single and looking.If your kitchen’s in disarray, or if you can’t stand your own company at mealtime, find ways to make dining solo enjoyable. Recycle those old jars and bring in dishes that appeal to you. A good night in bed—no matter what you’re doing between the sheets—is best supported by an environment that is inviting, spacious, clean and comfortable.

If you tend to bring your (non-sexual) gadgets to bed, or if you’re used to falling asleep to the television, try unplugging instead and cultivating a sensual space with fabrics, art and fragrances that help you unwind.The first time I cleaned house with the intention of making sure it aligned to my desires, I realized that some of the art on my walls supported the energy of starving and suffering for art.I eventually replaced those pieces with living green plants and vibrant colors.When we wait to clean and beautify our space in the expectation of guests, it’s a suggestion that we don’t deserve a deeply satisfying living environment for ‘just us.’ Perhaps you know people who spend a lot on fancy hand towels and good dishes they never use?Same deal: if aren’t enough of a reason to break out the good stuff and create a living space you love, then it’s time to re-examine how you keep house. Are there any eyesores that have you been meaning to replace for the last six months or more? The living room is the space where we come to relax and catch up with ourselves, and if the first thing you associate with this space is a dead zone or dumping ground, take time to transform it into a haven you’d enjoy unwinding in.When ‘just me’ reduces you to that last uncomfortable pair of clean underwear, half-read books and papers strewn across the couch, and that lonely, limp carrot in the icebox, .