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You must realize that EVEN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD want MORE than just "payment for their time".Attractive women have dinners, money, and gifts thrown at them CONSTANTLY.

and that if she'd like to come along, she's welcome.

The second also doesn't make you sound like a WUSSY. Well, I don't think it's a good idea to start off with a woman by PAYING for things. THE FLIP SIDE OF THIS COINThere is another "dark" side to this whole conversation.

Have the "You don't have me fooled for a minute, dear" attitude every time a girl throws a tantrum.

Negs | Mystery Method | David Deangelo | Cocky and Funny | Christian Carter | Seduction Guide How to Talk to Women How to Pick Up Women How to Meet Women How to Attract Women How to Approach Women Rori Raye Ross Jeffries | Derek Vitalio - Pick up Artist - Neil Strauss - Mens Dating Tips Double Your Dating Paul Janka Speed Seduction 2 Girls Teach Sex The question of "Should I pay for dinner? So let me answer it with one of my typical multi-part answers. I also have friends who almost NEVER take women out for so much as a cup of coffee... While some may buy expensive dinners for women, and some may buy nothing; NONE of them use the idea of paying for things as "bait" or "bribes" or "obligation"...

Always remain calm, even when you wrecked your car, okay? Women "test" guys all the time - even at a subconscious level.

They act like little brats and see if you will let them get their way.

If you do, they will see you as a wimp and dump you. The real man realizes he's not all-powerful and isn't afraid of asking for help. You're taking the woman out, not the other way around!

But if you don't even bulge, then they will have more respect for you.

Be patient it is an uphill battle trying to find the right one, but finishing the race with a gold medal is worth all the work!

Lesson #1) Do not express anger and annoyance while on a date.

It's much better to allow her to like you and feel ATTRACTION for you without the distraction and expense. It's the idea that men feel OBLIGATED or INDEBTED to women when the woman spends time with them, gives them attention, etc.