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I will miss her happy smile, her laughter and her caring ways. Zidek was a shining light who made the world a much better place.Sincere sympathy to all of the Miller and Thompson families. Donna was a lovely lady, and a great neighbor to my sister for many years. She always made me feel so welcome in the Zidek home during those years when I was growing up with her kids in Camp Springs. Zidek and the most valuable lesson was to give from the heart. I went to James Wood with Becky and we were good friends.We moved to The Village at Orchard Ridge four and one half years ago and had the good fortune to locate across the street from Roger.

I looked forward to seeing her and her beautiful four-legged babies each and every visit. She included me in so many family outings that she become a second mother to me. My sincerest condolences to the entire Zidek family. Unfortunately, I moved away and Becky and I both were so busy with life that we seldom saw each other.However, when we did it was like we were never apart.Roger was a true Christian, as well as being a caring and kind gentleman who was admired by all who knew him.We will miss him terribly but will continue to rejoice in the memories of the time he so generously spent with us. Dave and Paulette Matthes Donna was such a special friend for all of our Garden Club years together and after.John Moss To our former Scoutmaster, mentor, and a great example of a true gentleman, we thank you for the guidance and leadership you provided to many of us young boys from Drake Street where we were fortunate enough to have you and your fine family as our next door neighbors.

“Fair Winds, and following seas, Shipmate.” You will be sorely missed, Commander.Atleast knowing now your with grandma the love of your life puts the family at ease knowing your now at peace. Please take comfort in the knowledge that a person who departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, and through us, they live on.You will be missed forever and ever and loved by many and never forgotten Sometimes people come into our lives and make an indelible impression. A wonderful neighbor, a fun friend, and one whose zest for life despite health issues that might have sidelined others made her one of the people we will always cherish. Please accept my deepest condolences and prayers that God will give you strength through this most difficult of times.I love you sweet semaya and thank you for teaching me so much! She is with her darling husband George whom I’ve known for many many yrs. Carroll will always be remembered with love for the kind, generous man he was.And to her momma; Melissa you are someone I admire so much! Always welcomed in the store with a smile & a hug from Carroll & Lena. We as members of the Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club will miss our friend Donnie, who was a Life Member of our Club.I also remember him telling me "We are all students of history". I do believe in the Lord and I know that he has a special place for Mrs. I will forever treasure my memories of Norman Baker and always remember the times with him studying Braddock's campaign on the bus tours and his talks at the many programs I was lucky to attend when he spoke.