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This beautiful woman has faced many hardships in her life.Ronnia’s father left the family when she was just a one year old, her mother passed when she was twelve.While this beautiful lady isn’t popular outside of modeling industry, but sure is one the most beautiful woman in the world.

Following a supporting role on the comedy series the Comeback (2005), Åkerman gained her first starring roles in the feature films the Heartbreak Kid( 2007) and 27 Dresses (2008).She also played Silk Spectre IIin the 2009 superhero film Watchmen.Afterward, Berggren decided to become a fashion model.Berggren started her modeling career with Avenue Modeller.Tilde Froling is a talented Swedish actress, TV presenter and model.

She is also been a participant in several reality shows like Robinson VIP and Let’s Dance.

Anden is a model, actress, occasional host and producer.

She began modeling at the age of ten, joining Elite Model Management when she was fifteen.

Born and raised in Sweden, this Hollywood actress is one of the hottest women in the world.

In 2007 she starred in Species: The Awakening, where she portrayed Miranda, a character considered one of Sexiest of all time.

This extremely appealing woman earns the second spot in our list of most beautiful Swedish women.