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Three weeks later, Locklear crashed her Porsche into a ditch in Thousand Oaks, near her home, but police determined she wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, TMZ reported.

According to Radar, that September crash happened after another fight between Locklear and Heisser that ended with Locklear storming out and driving away.“We’re sure that’s what put her in the insane state that caused the accident,” a friend told the gossip site.

Radar also reported in October that Heisser proposed to Locklear and she accepted his proposal, but the actress never publicly confirmed the engagement.“Chris popped the question, and Heather said yes,” a source told Radar.

“But his family is worried she may be on drugs and drinking again — and Heather’s family believes Chris is no good for her!

”ET reports that her family and friends believed Locklear was “spiraling out of control” before the domestic incident.“Heather has been spiraling out of control lately,” a source told ET.

“We realize Heather has had problems with drinking and drugs before, but she was really getting back on track and her boyfriend is no help at all. #motocrosshistory#heatherlocklear#husqvarna #actress A post shared by DG's Vintage Motocross Garage (@dg533) on He told Vintage Factory the bike, “was nicknamed the tin can because of the hand built aluminum gas tank. We modified a stock Honda frame by cutting and welding increasing rake, decreasing trail, lowering the motor, extending swing arm, adjusting shock mount position e.t.c.

40 years later.”But Locklear and Heisser have reportedly had a rough relationship since they got back together last year.

They have been dating for more than a year, according to Radar Online.Kuredjian said Locklear “was uncooperative with our responding deputies and and she battered three of them by pushing them,” leading to three additional misdemeanor charges against her. When he arrived, she and her boyfriend were fighting.A source told ET that Locklear, “was freaking out and texting her brother nonstop and wasn’t making sense. It was a terrible scene.”According to ET, the source said the altercation became physical, and the they “were literally physically fighting and her brother couldn’t control the situation, so he called the police. She was furious her brother got the police involved and she was in no state to be able to have a normal thinking conversation. She was screaming at the police and went on the attack.She physically fought the police and they had to handcuff her to control her.”The source told ET, “There were marks all over her boyfriend’s face, so they had no choice but to take her into custody.They said she seemed unstable and they wanted to take her for a psychological evaluation.”Locklear has had a history of substance abuse issues, with stints in rehab over the past decade for alcohol and prescription drug abuse.Ventura Sheriff’s Captain Garo Kuredjian told The Associated Press that the alleged victim in the domestic abuse case is Locklear’s live-in boyfriend, but did not identify him.