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Inmates may not use the telephone system to continue or initiate criminal activity.

TTY Callers - call 1-800-624-6186 to place a direct TTY call.Questions that will be asked when you call You do not need to have all of the above information when you call to make a report, but the more accurate information you can provide, the better equipped the offices will be to assess the child's safety.The DOC protects inmate's constitutional rights by providing for unmonitored legal phone calls made to a telephone number recognized by the applicable state's bar association.See DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by Offenders for details.There is no application or verification process that must be completed in order to be eligible to receive phone calls from an inmate.

If friends or family would like to enable an inmate to call them, a Connect Network account is required.

CPS conducts family assessments, and the police conduct criminal investigations.

Protective Custody When it appears that a child is in danger of being harmed, or has already been seriously abused or neglected, a police officer can place the child in protective custody.

Nights & Weekends - call 1-800-562-5624 to report abuse during the evening or on weekends.

Hotline - call 1-866-ENDHARM (1-866-363-4276), Washington State's toll-free, 24 hour, 7 day-a-week hotline that will connect you directly to the appropriate local office to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

Any violation of DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by Offenders may result in the loss or suspension of telephone privileges.