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The most famous of these is the Michigan-Minnesota football trophy The little brown jug.

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Farmers from the Northwest were the biggest customers with crocks and jugs being bought for winter food storage.

Skilled potterymakers were brought from Ohio and Illinois where they had learned the trade from their fathers.

Dinnerware was produced in solid colors and later hand painting was added to the lines.

Red Wing Pottery was prosperous during the 20s through the 40s but starting in the 50s imports began cutting in on their markets and the lack of a modern physical plant slowed down the progress of the company even more.

In 1936 the name of the pottery was changed to Red Wing Potteries, Inc from Red Wing Union Stoneware Co since there was little stoneware being manufactured.

Finally all stoneware manufacture was ceased by the company in 1947.

Te pieces wree decorated with flowers, leaves cattails and cranes colored with a brushed green stain over a tan background.

Finally the line was expanded to to include cookie jars, fruit bowls, planters, jardinieres, candlesticks and other pieces.

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assets of Hallem Pottery were bought and Hallem helped to make their first molds and kilns.