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Travelers in the country on business should wear professional clothing.Outside of the larger cities, women should avoid exposing their arms and legs, wear loose-fitting clothing and understand that people may stare at them.

Among elite youth, men and women do meet socially and dating is fashionable, but parents try to monitor such relationships and discourage their daughters from becoming involved with any man unless marriage is contemplated.Among more traditional families, dating would ruin the reputation of a young woman and dishonor her family.But Turkey as a mail order brides country is not even half as popular as Turkey as a tourist country.When you think about mail brides, Turkish girls are definitely not the first girls that come to mind, right?Even among modernized urbanites, gender roles constrain social relations.

For example, friendships between men and women who are unrelated generally are not acceptable.When a woman goes out after dark in Turkey, she stays in a group and is never intoxicated in public.If a stranger will not leave a woman alone, she can make a scene by yelling “Leave me alone! The local police are also approachable and willing to help women.The conflicting tensions of traditional and modern values also influence social relations outside the family.The mass media and modern education popularize ideas such as social equality, openness between spouses, romantic love, and platonic friendships between the sexes, concepts that men and women with traditional values find objectionable but that their adolescent children may find appealing.Even among modernized urban dwellers, family loyalty, family obligations, and family honor remain strong considerations.