Dating resume tip

RJ Reynolds was sued by an applicant when he found out that the recruiting firm the company used had been instructed not to refer anyone over 35 or with more than 8-10 years of experience.

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I am in my 60s and would like to work either full or part time.

I have gotten interviews, but I feel that I am perceived as over qualified even though I am really not looking for a manager type position.

It’s a pipe dream to think that companies don’t avoid older workers.

At age 58, I know that I look young enough if I can get in the door, but to see my resume and experience from 1989 will turn off too many employers.

Use these benefits to your advantage to land the job you want. I am applying for jobs at my current jobs to move from part-time to full-time. I am my 50″s will a wealth of experience and credentials. Completely agree with the ageism/implicit bias of many recruiters and companies to workers, like myself, who are deeply experienced (45 years)- but hesitant to include dates going back before 2005.

One suggestion, provided to me by a terrific resume coach, was to include a section on my resume titled “Previous Experience” with only a one liner eg “Partner at XYZ” or “VP Operations at xxx”, but no specific dates .

I am in my young 50’s, former 8 year Marine, former Law Enforcement, etc., and now soon to be on the streets, literally.

The VA social worker hasn’t even called me, even though I let them know I was in this crisis.

Thought about going on one of those go fund me sites, in hopes of getting help that way, but just don’t feel right about it.

I also worked in a drug war to HELP reduce cocaine production and distribution from Colombia, and six years in the Middle East as a Project and Operations Manager, helping to rebuild what we destroyed, and I can’t even find a pencil pushing job. I have been unemployed now for just over two years, with an average of 20 resumes going out the door weekly. I too am in my early 50’s and am working at Mc Donalds. Reading the comments is depressing but I am glad I am not the only one.

But there are some general principles to keep in mind when crafting a resume—particularly when it comes to “dating” yourself.