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There is a working release for every Word Press version since 1.5, but you really should consider updating your Word Press installation! If the support get their act together then I will change my review.I love the simplicity of this plugin and it does what it's supposed to do. But until then, stay away.“Google XML Sitemaps” has been translated into 24 locales.If you want to help to translate the plugin to your language, please have a look at the file which contains all definitions and may be used with a gettext editor like Poedit (Windows). I know nowadays many plugins add top-level menu items, but in most of the cases it is just not necessary.

Print Smart 51 SDK updated to version Magicard SDK updated to last version ( Added default IDP Smart plugin entry Added Elliaden Caroline to Magicard Plugin V2 Encoding Added Code 3 of 9 (and Code 3 of 9 ASCII) can now use Weight 10 Module 11 check digit Added support to Mifare Ultralight EV1 Tag (Win only) Added support to new generation of OMNIKEY readers (5022, 5122, ...) (Win only) Added support to Mifare Ultralight EV1 in Omnikey (Win only)Resources Updated Danish and Swedish languages Added Thai and Burmese languages Updated general token in card Presso License window Devices Added Canon SDK option to take photo with flash from live mode (Win only) Fixed Canon camera missing from image source list (Win only) Fixed focus issue with Canon when in live acquisition (Win only)Security Fixed options to upgrade available when Net License Client Fixed issue with Movable license getting lost constantly User Interface New application theme Simplified Welcome View Customizable Production Mode (background, logo, fields arrangement) Improved navigability between views Print window unification (old Print Print Settings) Fix CSS issues in Mac OSX and Windows Fix text buttons on table view cut text in different languages.

Fix issue with special characters in column names when loading old cards.

Changed default (when not current date) Date & Time to 1st day of the year Added "Do not print Background" and "Apply color to front and back" background options Database Add columns wrap option in Browse View Print Added support for Magicard driver version 2.0.25 Add support to DNP CX-D80HEncoding Update NUVIA contactless card movement Security Added possibility to configure Audit Report with groups of operations (Design, Print,...)Integration & personalized operations Added script command to Save Document Added script command to Quit App Added script command to configure/get item property Added Silent Uninstall Options Remove Files/Keep Files (**)Translations Added Nepali Language User Interface Fixed Database Buttons size Keyboard Input during the print job as empty Added Barcode Symbol – QRCode 2005Improve Photo Editor Resolution Dialog Print Issues Fix card Presso issue with HDP5600 Database Fix Database Find with Date Field Issue Encoding Fix Encode Script during print Utf8 encoding Added current Record functions print through script commands Added document to print through script commands Added function to get and save database path Security Added current Date Time to card Translations Updated Translations: DA, SV, RUUser Interface Users View improvements: Show only Groups that the user is on Show only Users that aren’t in a group that the user is not Display Permissions Only when Group has Group Permissions new keyboard shortcut Save As Action Shortcut (CTRL SHIFT S) Barcode EAN8, EAN13 and EAN4 (plus addiction’s ex.

EAN8 2)Print Issues New options added to Auto Print feature /PRINTPREVIEW command /PRINTERNAME command Added Magicard Helix Added Printer Magicard Xtended Database Double click in browse view jumps to record view Possibility to change column name in form column properties Edition allowed renamed to Editing allowed Possibility to change column order in connection wizard Title and Subtitle changed in database connection wizard Order page Point to image added SVG extension Excel Driver able to detect “Time” fields.

- Adder Scroll area to Edit View to avoid overlapping buttons - Set Scroll Policy.

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The plugin supports all kinds of Word Press generated pages as well as custom URLs.