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Married life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but filled with compromise that helps hold a marriage together.Nowadays, society is nurturing a narcissistic culture that breeds a belief system of putting the “me first,” with movies like “The Love Punch,” perpetuating “marriage sabbaticals” as a divorce alternative to ensure the outcome of a long and happy union.When you’ve done all your research and planning and you’re finally ready to start your sabbatical adventure, you might come to a point where all you can think is, “Now what?

It could also be a spouse’s cowardly way of saying he or she wants out of the marriage.

I had been brave enough to make the decision to go abroad for the long term, but had been so busy planning for my sabbatical that the magnitude of my decision didn’t actually hit me until I arrived.

It’s most important to take children into account, especially young children under the age of six.

“Kids are constantly dealing with attachment and separation, and feelings of abandonment are at risk,” Walfish said.

Contact the support team as soon as you notice suspicious behavior!

To achieve success, you need to be both charming and assertive while chatting one of these precious creatures.

Second, you should be careful while seeking a Russian girl.

Unfortunately, some sites used images of these kind and beautiful girls to swindle money from their costumers on the Internet.

First, you need to know that even though these girls look sexy and cheerful on photos, they might appear quite cold and aloof during the initial stage of your communication.

Don’t be surprised—they just need some time to get used to new people in their lives.

Several men and women have taken a time out to avoid calling it quits, but is it healthy to derail from the marriage tracks for a few days, or could this actually lead to a path of divorce? Louis journalist, author of "The Marriage Sabbatical: The Journey That Brings You Home," and the one to coin the term “marriage sabbatical,” captured the narratives of 55 women who had taken sabbaticals, after also taking a three-month trip of her own.