Dating sites do background checks

Maybe you’ve had a previous marriage, you have children to take care of, you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past, a loved one has died — all experiences that have cultivated you into a full-fledged human being that is seeking companionship in its purest form.

Essentially, the site's algorithm utilizes your Facebook profile to match you up with “friends of friends,” which provides a nice way to keep connections familiar and accountable.

Imagine meeting up with someone who says that they are an engineer at Space X when you know for a fact that your friend works with them at Whole Foods … Yeah, CMB does a good job of eliminating any nonsense.

Another plus is that e Harmony is a great place for centralized dating.

This means that if you’re looking for a certain type of quality, age, religion, or location, there are communities within their database to join.

Things like age, height, weight, and even appearance can be altered over the phone or within a profile, but eventually, the truth comes out — and it can be disappointing.

Dating in 2018 is already hard enough to navigate with the never-ending forms of social media (and your mother’s expectations), but there are ways to make the dating world easier to navigate.

Users create a standard profile with easy-to-set parameters like location, age, and religion.

There are even options to add video or audio files to certain images to provide a better scope of who you are as a person.

The site's goal is to create deep, long-lasting connections for users, and this is entirely possible because truth tends to surface as the years go by.

Once you reach a certain age, the facts are inevitable.

Of course, Zoosk also gives you the ability to scan for your own interests, but there’s something refreshing about meeting one person throughout the day that could be right for you. Unlike other dating sites that offer matches like a buffet station, Zoosk takes who you are into consideration, dramatically increasing the chances of you meeting someone worthwhile.