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In a recently published RCT, a workplace intervention was effective on to work, compared to usual care.

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After president Obama took possession of the White House, he publicly let Americans know that one of his priorities was to dethrone dictators who did not agree with his international policy.This led to the events of what is called “The Arab Spring”. During president Obama’ first trip to Egypt, he made a political speech at Cairo University indirectly attacking president Mubarak, who had already signed an agreement with Israel in order to solve the conflict with Palestine, was the representative of the Middle Eastern countries with the United States, and was considered one of the best friends of this country.(a) If an individual: (1) Residence address(es) , Yes D No D (2) Citizenship Yes • No D (3) Occupation Yes • No D (b) If an organization: (1) Name Yes • No 0 (2) Ownership or control Yes • No 0 (3) Branch offices Yes • No 0 (c) Explain fully all changes, if any, indicated in Items (a) and (b) above. , state whether any changes therein have occurred during this 6 month reporting period.IF THE REGISTRANT IS AN INDIVIDUAL, OMIT RESPONSE TO ITEMS 3, 4, AND 5(a). Yes • No H If yes, have you filed an amendment to the Exhibit C?A subgroup the following possible moderators for treatment were identified: age, gender, pain, functional status, heavy work, and sick leave in the previous 12 months.

Cox regression analyses were performed and survival curves were plotted.

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Yes D No D If no, please attach the required amendment.

1 The Exhibit C, for which no printed form is provided, consists of a true copy of the charter, articles of incorporation, association, and by laws of a registrant that is an organization.

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