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I finally got the courage to ask him if he was seeing other people.He told me he was seeing another person, intermittently, and she wasn’t really around too much.” Since you’ve already slept with Steve, you can talk about monogamy, but it won’t be as easy after you’ve had sex. I suggest you fill your own needs and spend time with good friends, doing things you love outside of the relationship.

I want to be clear: Just because you chose to have sex before having this conversation doesn’t mean you don’t deserve honesty and respect.

As you said, your subtle approach was met with vague answers.

inside, and how much is about him not being there for you.

If he is truly not there for you emotionally, it is probably because he can’t be.

That was no accident — he purposely withheld the truth from you. Don’t beat yourself up because it took you longer than you anticipated.

You still got there and held your ground about how you want to be treated. The next time you start feeling a connection with someone, don’t be afraid to speak your truth upfront.

But be careful to assess how much of this you’re carrying from your relationship history.

If you are feeling needy, it’s a good idea to heal yourself instead of asking him to fill your void.

I was crushed and honestly, I couldn’t understand how he could have the time to be with someone else or have the same affection for another woman.

I had tried to bring it up earlier, but he gave me vague answers whenever I asked subtle questions about seeing other people.

Come from a place of strength, knowing that you are a woman of value.