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There is a taxi stand at Pai bus station; you can negotiate with the driver to take you to a number of attractions for a day.

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November to February is the best time to visit Chiang Mai, with cooler temperatures being perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities such as trekking.

This is also peak season, with January seeing the highest influx of tourists.

Although Thailand broadly follows this weather pattern, there are variations between regions which are further explained below: The more mountainous areas of northern Thailand experience the greatest range in temperatures, dropping significantly at nighttime during the cool season from November to February.

Although you'll need to pack warmer evening clothing, don’t let this put you off as the days are lovely and mild and the countryside is lush and in bloom.

The hot season from March to May sees very high temperatures in Chiang Mai, and you’ll most likely want to spend your afternoons relaxing by the pool.

Temperatures cool again for the rainy season from June to October, however alongside the showers you can expect humidity levels to rise.GT-Rider has put together an excellent map worth getting hold of before your journey; the map contains loads of information, road details and recommendations about Mae Hong Son province.The town itself is navigable by foot or bicycles but if you want to venture out into the countryside it’s necessary to rent a scooter or taxi for the day.The cool season then lasts from November to February.With dry days and temperatures that are still very warm, this is considered the best time to visit.The primary company offering these services is called Prempracha Transport; it’s recommended to book your seat at least a day or two in advance.