Dating traynor amps

Now that’s a significant amount of scratch I know, but I believe this amp to be a real bargain once you see what you get for the $.

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Also good for funk rhythm with a good on-board compressor.These amps are very reasonably priced, but make sure you also get a service manual as this will confuse many an amp tech once he gets it open.It also lets you run the power tubes hotter or colder as well as the voltage going to the filter caps, this option gives you the option of running the amp tighter or with a bit more sag.It has a master volume and you can combine the two distictincly different sounding channels with a flick of a mini toggle. All in all this amp is a great deal for the $, but you better work out before you bring it to your gig, it will make your Twin Reverb feel like a Pignose.Old Bob Moog did not realize that he was a few years ahead of the amp-tweaking rack-friendly guitarist.

My favorite of all of these was the L9 model outfitted with a JBL 15 inch guitar speaker in an open back cabinet. I would say you could get a Twin Reverbesque sound plus!And for God’s sake get rid of that stupid master volume!#4: Traynor amps circa 1960’s through 1970’s These Canadian made hardwired amps are an unbelievable value.I also very much liked the L5, a 2×12 inch version.This amp was used by BB King for many years and it sounded great.Plug in an SG toggle to the back pickup and you will cop the Tony Iommi Sabbath sound perfectly.