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Later in the evening, cocktail bars will be frequented by tourists and locals, alike.

Sisli: is also an upscale neighborhood where the upscale local Turks of Istanbul like to hang out.

From a dating perspective, it is the most liberal city in a Muslim country.While a sizable portion of the population of Istanbul is religiously conservative, the most liberal-minded women reside in city formerly known as Constantinople. Three bridges separate the European from the Asia part. From the perspective of gaining an authentic Turkish experience while placing you in area with solid talent, the following areas are recommended: Arnavutköy: is a solid choice as it is in the heart of nightlife.Tis experience in Turkey offered some interesting insights into dating Turkish women.Generally, Turkish women have long dark hair, olive complexions and brown eyes.The existing dating information was limited some generic dating sites, in which the author clearly had not set foot in Turkey let alone dated a Turkish woman.

Being an explorer at heart, I went in with an open mind.

In preparation for my trip, I was surprised by the lack of information pertaining to the dating and nightlife scene in Istanbul.

The dearth of information was considering it is one of the famed cities of the world and a popular stopover at a minimum.

The Turkish were nothing but hospitable to me during me stay.

With that said, Turkish women don’t seem to hold a strong curiosity of the outside world.

The more upscale areas like in Istanbul for example, tend to have the most stylish and western looking Turkish women.