Dating vintage boss pedals

Most closely associated with the guitar sound of Nevermind-era Kurt Cobain, the Small Clone comes in a few different-sized variants, including the pedalboard-friendly Nano Clone. Danelectro Cool Cat An extremely affordable chorus option, the Danelectro Cool Cat is a two-knob machine with few frills – but for many players, that’s a good thing.

While no longer in production, these pedals still sell regularly on the used market, often with a sub-£20 price tag. TC Electronic Corona Similar in format to other popular TC Electronic pedals such as the Hall Of Fame Reverb, the Corona Chorus is a supremely versatile pedal that can cover just about any chorus tone you can dream up.

A pair of new-production MN3005 bucket brigade IC chips delivers times from 20ms up to 600ms, while a filter knob that provides low-pass and band-pass functions, promising BBD and tape echo sounds.

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A collaboration with Periphery guitarist Mark Holcomb, the Dark Sun offers both delay and reverb, complete with high-pass and low-pass filters.

Modes include reverse, ping pong, reverse ping pong and pattern, while there’s a comprehensive modulation section on hand, too.

The Preamp Live’s Tone Capture reappears here, too, but now offers three different modes: Amp Mode, to capture real-life amps; Guitar Mode, which models EQ characteristics; and Cab Mode, for sampling speaker cabs and creating IR files.

A surprise announcement for the show was this collaboration between Ibanez and Japanese boutique co Vemuram.

The effect, though, is unmistakably chorus-like in its tonal thickening – just with a little less modulation than you’d get from a standard circuit. MXR M234 Analog Chorus An all-analogue, bucket-brigade-based pedal, the MXR M234 Analog Chorus is a great option for anyone seeking classic, organic chorus tones.

It adds a few tone-shaping tools to the package, too, like high and low filters to contour the flavour of its tone with a bit more granularity than some other analogue options on the list. Boss CH-1 Super Chorus While similar in format to other Boss-made chorus pedals, the CH-1 offers a tonal range that’s a bit wider overall.

Pedal-based chorus effects date back to the mid 1970s and function (in short) by duplicating an audio signal and delaying, or otherwise modulating, the duplicate before recombining it with the source signal for the final output.

The doubled signal is often modulated with an LFO, endowing the final sound with motion similar to that of a flanger or phase shifter.

Chorus is having something of a moment right now, riding a sonic wave that goes back at least three or four years.

Much in the way that synthesisers have come to dominate pop-music radio, it’s chorus – arguably the most ‘80s’ of effects – that has found favour among a sweeping range of contemporary hitmakers. While many might first think of Robert Smith or Andy Summers and the hits of new-wave radio, Kurt Cobain and a legion of grunge acolytes were equally enamoured with the watery sound. Walrus Audio Julia Chorus/Vibrato Walrus Audio scored a major hit with the release of the Julia, a combination of chorus and vibrato effects, which was released a couple of years ago.

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