Dating vo hammon postcards

In the days before the Civil War, it was used for the sale and annual hire of slaves.

Albert Crutchfield, shown in picture was sold from the block about 1859, at which time he was a boy about 15 years old.

Note: there is a vehicle circa 1900/1920 parked on the side of the pharmacy.

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They largely catered to the export market, which was expedited through their office in New York city.Published monotone and black & white collotypes and many hand colored view-cards with a simple but bold RGB pallet. Perforated along the edge so they could be removed and mailed. Folder measures about 6 1/8 inches wide x 4 1/4 inches long. 20 postcards inside showing various views of the park area. Includes 18 color views (9 postcards with a scene on each side) all intact.All their inventory was lost to a fire in 1915 but they recovered and continued publishing.

In 1917 they invented gift wrapping and they became the first company to advertise cards on a national basis.In 1900 this facility suffered a disastrous fire that was captured by many local photographers who turned these images into postcards.The Hamburg Line published many fine chromolithographic cards themselves over the years depicting scenes aboard their ships but mostly of the ships themselves.Color postcard of exterior of hospital building above the Miller Pharmacy. Minnie Wilberg, Akron, Iowa, from Adolph.” Lacking date. Description Color postcard of exterior of hospital building above the Miller Pharmacy. His output included Real Photo-Grafic Views, Haberman’s New York Views, and packaged sets of 25 cards for Woolworths.