Dating website for cheating spouse

And they're traded on file-sharing platforms (which also requires special software and clicking on dubious downloads).

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Just plug in a name or email address, and you'll find out if someone who signed up for the service.

CNNMoney is not linking to these sites directly, but they can be found via regular Web searches -- if you know exactly what to look for.

The reasons could be one of many things, but all that really matters is that they’re excuses.

When someone is in an exclusive relationship, it goes without saying that being in an online dating website or app is wrong, and inappropriate.

It’s incredibly selfish to think that “wanting to be social and meet people” would even be a reason.

As a couple, and definitely, as a couple that has intentions for the long term (including building a life and family together one day), it’s important, to be honest, and an open book.Usually, hacked data is difficult to reach or sort through.Stolen files are posted on the Dark Web (which requires a special web browser called Tor).This is a very tough predicament for both people in the relationship.Despite whether or not the person was dating others, or simply communicating with others online was actually cheating, being unfaithful, or even if they were simply wanting a way to feel more confident about themselves, it doesn’t matter.Ashley Madison, which is geared towards people who are married or in committed relationships, recently saw a breach which leaked the accounts of users and caused a massive internet uproar.