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ADHD and partner-focused peer support groups can also help. The marital and family functioning of adults with ADHD and their spouses.Marriage or couples counseling could also resolve problems that have arisen in the relationship as a result of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

These can become even more complicated if children are involved.Adults with ADHD may find it difficult to remain attentive during conversations.They may be forgetful, failing to pay bills or keep the home safe for children, and miss important birthdays or anniversaries.The partner can feel hurt as a result, even if they realize it’s due to the ADHD.Children without attention deficit disorder from families with one psychiatrically healthy parent did well, while the behavior of children with ADHD was always poor and not associated with parental mental health.” They highlight the important influence of the non-ADHD parent.

To help manage the obstacles that will arise and maintain a workable relationship, both partners need to understand the differences in their perception and communication styles.

Building and maintaining a strong relationship is a challenge for anyone.

However, having ADHD can pose different sets of challenges.

Counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy are useful for some sufferers.

Other approaches are group therapy, family therapy, coaching, tutoring, physical exercise, proper rest, and adequate nutrition.

His team found that married adults with ADHD had “poorer overall marital adjustment and more family dysfunction.” The researchers say, “The findings in this study underscore the need for assessments and treatments to address marital and family functioning of adults with ADHD.”The same team also looked at the impact on the children of these ADHD adults.