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First successful European commercial launch vehicle, developed from the L3S, an Europa launch vehicle replacement design. It featured increased thrust first and second stage engines, a 25% stretched third stage, 4 seconds specific impulse improvement in the third stage, a larger internal payload fairing volume, and introduced the Sylda payload carrier for dual payloads. Development of the Ariane 1 was authorized in July 1973, took eight years, and cost 2 billion 1986 Euros. The Ariane 3 version added two solid rocket motor strap-ons.

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Development was authorized in July 1980 and had a total cost of 144 million 1986 Euros. Compared with the Ariane 2/3, the Ariane 4 featured stretched first (61%) and third stages, a strengthened structure, new propulsion bay layouts, new avionics, and the Spelda dual-payload carrier.