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But most of all, I hope I never get another AM intoxicated text from him. My father is manipulative, lies and make up dramatic stories so he is always in the right/to make people feel sorry for him or make it seem everyone hates him and is out to get him.

I hope with everything in me that he's good to you. My stepmom started calling my mom asking for advice on how to deal with him.

He is also seeing a woman who I have never said a bad word about, yet she sends me ALL KINDS of trash emails and texts and at one time recruited a friend of hers, that I dont even know but had seen around the ballpark where my son played, to do the same.

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He was also controlling and abusive in every way but physical, well he would shove me sometimes..

Anyway, I just wish we could be adults and be civil to one another because we have a teen son together but they hate me so much that any kind of relationship seems impossible. The world needs more empathetic people in it; people that aren’t clouded with resentment; people that truly want the best for others regardless of their own past pains.

I hope you get the version of him I always yearned for, because no one deserves the version I got. Dear commenters, Please keep the rules of /r/unsentletters in mind while participating here. After my parents divorced, my dad remarried a broken woman very quickly.

I hope you can make him happy in a way I couldn't, and he can do the same for you. Always remember that rule 0 is "Don't be a jerk."Report any rule-breaking behavior to the moderators using the report button. She had been physically and mentally abused for years in her first marriage.

I'm really sorry that you had to experience that, because no one deserves to feel trapped with someone like that.

There's nothing worse than someone who treats us like trash and makes us feel as if we are the ones turning them into the monster we live with...But if he isn't, I truly hope you go before he breaks you in the way he broke me. It started when he lied to her and said that my sister was sick and hospitalized so being a nice, concerned stepmother, she called to find out what was wrong and if she could be of help.Like I said, I wish I could tell you this in person- but maybe you'll stalk out his ex on Reddit and see this on my page. I wish you only the best- and if he's not giving you that, find it elsewhere. My mom laughed and asked if he had recently done something wrong.I wish she knew that this is just how he is and it’s likely never going to change.Oh, my little heart just broke reading this letter...He sees his sons but is mending the relationship with the older 2 because their mother bad mouthed the hell out of him when they split.