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Fielding’s strengths Many of Fielding’s strengths are on display here.

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Number of pages in this book: 386, not counting acknowledgements. There is no doubt either that this new book , which brings her heroine into middle age, is disappointing.

Alcohol units: 0 (v.g.) Medication: Disprin 4, Vitamin C tablet, 1. There is no doubt that Helen Fielding is a comic genius.

Although the spectacular success of the first book, (1996; number of copies sold: 15 million) would be hard to top.

This is a bit like Batman killing the Joker in the first 25 frames of a comic, or the talented Mr Ripley saying “you got me, guys” on page 10.

The crusade, the obsession and the madness are gone.She has a searing eye for female weaknesses and snobbery – Bridget’s friend, Jude, is on her i Phone looking for a man on Dating Single Doctors, for example.But because Fielding’s touch is so light – or perhaps because her readers and reviewers are overwhelmingly female – this aspect of her satire is rarely praised.The situation is made even worse because Bridget does not really detail how she lost this weight – fume!And detail has always been where Bridget, and her creator, have excelled.No matter who you are, Doctor Dating Site can help you find some real, rich, local single doctors. Doctor Dating provides great unique features for its standard members as well as paid members, that including "Leet Meet", "Certified doctors" and "Celebrity Interviews".