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I also can’t pinpoint his motivations for sure with Jang-mi and that also makes me annoyed at him. I think the main leads are strong actors with awesome characters.

Inside, she’s just a little girl scarred by her parents not-so-great relationship and a dark home-alone incident as a young girl.

She’s 100% genuine and just wants to find true love.

You might not be like a cheetah or a lion, but anyone can be like a wild dog.

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As a viewer, I’m stomping my feet in frustration at every missed opportunity for even the slightest show of affection towards Jang-mi by Ki-tae.

For God’s sake, Ki-tae, you found Jang-mi first in the dark and you choose to berate her instead of comforting her. male lead Han Yeo-reum has to swoop in there for you? He better step up his game soon or else, I’m getting off this ship and pulling out all my hair! In the first episode, I truly wanted to strangle her.

However, I do resent the fact that Ki-tae always is one step behind.

You can see his feelings for Jang-mi developing, but he absolutely can’t express them.

She has a bit of an alcohol problem and can’t hold her tongue at the most inopportune times.

I just wish there was more growth in her character.

Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Jin-woon) is sunshine boy server who is supposed to be mysterious. Now her agenda is to get Ki-tae’s sperm so she can bear a child to raise on her own. Yah, there’s not much I want to say about him except that he is SUPER annoying.