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Example Question: My best friend met a boy online, she's really nervous and doesn't want to meet him alone, she asked you to go with her. When my 13-year old daughter answered with the following.

"Well mom, I wouldn't let her go alone…what kind of friend is that? Thank you Dara for this tool to allow parents like myself to begin a dialogue we didn't even know we needed to have."-"Dara Connolly is an engaging speaker!

She told me all about the class & how much she learned from you.

She will be applying what she learned at school to even friends that can be not so nice.

Dara selflessly created workshops, a game (Jerky Johnny), and a book (Someone You Know) in order to help women and girls.

I would recommend Dara and her Kurukula program to individuals, groups, and schools. " “My daughter attended your Boundary Setting presentation last night & came home so excited.The content is so relevant and speaks to the pressures young girls are up against.I have gifted a few boxes to Youth Leaders, Social Workers and they were very impressed with the content!Practice parent-to-young adult coaching to use effective language. Explore the difference between teasing and bullying.Discover proven methods to increase peer, academic, and personal success during these critical years.On the car ride home she gave me all sorts of examples how to handle situations when girls are being mean.