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Super decorative items are omitted in favor of simplicity and cleanliness in contemporary forms. Colorful and/or oversized art – Softer art may be mixed in to a contemporary art gallery wall, but what creates a contemporary feel is the inclusion of oversized, often colorful, pieces or a geometric wallpaper backdrop that READS as oversized art.Clever storage solutions – Contemporary design is all about smart, hidden, and/or unexpected storage solutions.

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For example, blonde wood, an ombre rug, and a light grey color bring a decidedly contemporary vibe to this traditional-inspired sofa seating with its curves and tufting.

Contemporary Eclectic – Eclectic styles seem inherently to incorporate doses of contemporary design, simply because their mix-and-not-match attitude is embraced in the world of contemporary décor.

Where modern design has a specific look and feel, contemporary design is ever-changing, due in part to the availability of (new) materials and pieces.

Because contemporary design is always evolving, it easily relates to other styles no matter what they are.

A monochromatic black kitchen with variations of shine is also uber-contemporary.

Cozy, comfortable layers – Residing somewhere between the minimalism that’s found in modern interiors and the often-excessive elements of traditional, cottage, and other styles, is contemporary layering.This includes architectural storage solutions, such as behind or inside of walls, as well as furniture-based storage, such as the drawers camouflaged in the sculptural elements on these side tables. Tailored, or nonexistent, skirts – A simple, clean aesthetic when it comes to fabrics bespeaks contemporary design – keep the ruffles and excess fabric at bay.This tailored black bed frame wrap is a completely contemporary touch.Contemporary Rustic – A wood-heavy design can be brought into a contemporary design realm with a few strategic inclusions, such as plenty of clean straight lines (which juxtapose, and show off, the wood grain beautifully) and cozy layers in neutral colors.Neutral, masculine color palette – Feminine elements don’t tend to take root in contemporary design; rather, the overall effect is more muted, mature, and masculine. Sleek, clean lines – Contemporary design is grounded; nothing here feels over-the-top.It shifts subtly over time, but it is never “finished,” never static.