Did cm punk dating maria

cm punk thinks he can "save" people, give me a break like i said who do you think he is... You're a monster-Rey on CM punk, and i want to see cm punk bald. Be saved by Punk and you will see for the first time without the false stigma of inhibitors to block your view.

I pray for a world where everyone can be as enlightened as Punk. Wow......looking at those sigs makes me realize he's more of a waste than I though.

He then booked her in a match with Kurt Angle out of spite, and Maria was laid out with the Angle Slam.As a result, one week later, Maria testified in the trial against Bischoff, who was being fired because of his controversial actions as General Manager.On the November 5 episode of cover unveiling, Maria's cover was plastered over with images of Marella.After Marella offered an ultimatum of posing for the magazine or staying with him as a couple, she then broke up with him.She contributed booking ideas, and her work at OVW earned her a spot on the Raw brand roster.

Maria was brought on to as a ditzy backstage interviewer and the host of WWE Kiss Cam in November 2004.

On the January 2, 2006 episode of , Maria was attacked and stripped of her clothes by Vince's Devils (Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Candice Michelle), but she was saved by Ashley Massaro.

During a commercial break that night, Vince Mc Mahon announced a Gauntlet Bra & Panties Match for New Year's Revolution between all five girls.

Kanellis best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), where she is a former TNA Knockouts Champion, she also worked briefly for Ring of Honor (ROH) with her husband Mike Bennett.

Kanellis's career began as a contestant on the reality show in 2004.

If what he is right now offends you, you probably shouldn't be watching wrestling in the first place. Dont get to see him in his heel role often, but got to be better than his boring face role. only good faces for me over the years was Austin types. Jesus might not even be real and if he was he liked to make Zombies. The man drank so much that his blood itself is alcoholic.