laura vandervoot and nick zano dating Did robert pattinson dating emilie de ravin

But we were both sort of on the same page with everything, which was great.

It is said that the grand Japan trip that they took as a couple in the year 2009 stopped their separation.Because of all these past situations, their fans back then were developing a habit of making fun out of their divorce news as it was ongoing since forever.It’s an interesting question because it is something that I think comes more from really just getting along with that person and liking that person as opposed to sort of someone who really annoys you. We have a big fight and that was just such a sort of emotionally challenging, interesting theme because it was sort of one of those things that —we’re very evenly matched as our characters as father and daughter—it’s not sort of one undermines the other. And, you know, Rob and I had a lot of fun playing together. Just getting to do something like that that’s so sort of playful and fun.Are there any memorable scenes that really stick out for you in this movie? Australian actress Emilie de Ravin has moved from the small screen to the big screen in the upcoming romantic drama Remember Me (out March 12). Lena Olin is amazing and we’ve got a wonderful little 11-year-old girl, Ruby, who’s playing Rob’s sister who’s just a sweetheart and really talented.

In the movie, de Ravin (Claire on the TV smash hit Lost) plays Ally who becomes the object of affection of one brooding young man named Tyler, played by super hunk Robert Pattinson. Everyone sort of ended up working together really well too, which is, you know, difficult—especially when you’re dealing with family units.

Because things weren’t looking much brighter, wife Emilie filed for divorce in 2007.

People got surprised by this move of her as it’s had only been just six months since they got married.

That’s kind of how it is.” None of that sort of perfect “first this and first that.” It’s all just down to earth and real. Tyler’s character’s got some stuff going on, but so does Ally with her dad. But yeah, I think I always draw from life experience when it makes sense.

So there’s always little things that you can find to incorporate, I think, from your life, whether it be the exact circumstance or something similar that maybe brought up a similar emotion in you.

However, the busy on-screen personas officially married on June 26, 2006 holding what we can call a few-people invited wedding.