Disable itunes stop updating podcasts

Right-click the Column Bar and uncheck the ones you don’t need. Then uncheck the columns you don’t want showing up then click OK.

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There are also third party software applications out there that will eliminate duplicate music files such as Audio De Dupe.

Make Navigating the Library Easier To help you navigate through your library more quickly, get rid of columns you don’t care about.

If you want to get down to business and not wait while it searches the folder to add songs uncheck both options.

Another thing you can do to help improve performance and have more accurate data is to not let i Tunes keep your media folder organized.

There are certainly other factors that cause i Tunes to run slow such as how many apps you have running at the time and how powerful the machine is.

But we can make some adjustments to the settings in i Tunes to help speed it up.So there are services that are enabled by default to find them. If you don’t have an Apple TV or don’t want it to check for it during startup uncheck Look for Apple TVs.If you don’t have the devices, let’s start by disabling them. If you’re running i Tunes on a stand alone machine another thing you might want to do is go to the Sharing tab and uncheck .When we then disabled Smart Playlists, it loaded in a second. What tips and tricks do you use to keep i Tunes from running slow?Welcome to Crimetown, a series produced by Marc Smerling and Zac Stuart-Pontier in partnership with Gimlet Media.Each season, we investigate the culture of crime in a different city.